Welcome to Celadin

A land of Mystery, Myth, and Adventure. A land where life sprang from creations hand, and the boughs of the great Tree of Life. A land where ancient Wardens have watched the over wondrous places for Millennia, and great Human Civilizations have risen and fallen. This is the world to which you find your self.

The Continent of Celadin sits at the center of the world for its people it is the only land in a great sea. At its heart was the place that creation set the seeds of its plan for life; From that seed sprang a mighty tree the tree spread it self over the land and into the sea and as it did life sprang in its wake. This was the way of the Old world. A time when the world was peaceful, and the Animals and Plants lived in harmony under the tending of the Wardens.

Till A Demon a force of Darkness born from the forces of creation spread its shadow over the land and forever darkened the fate of the Tree of Life’s children. The sacrifice of The Tree of Life and the birth of her final children: The Humans and the Goddesses marked the new world. A world where blood runs hot and the children of life and darkness fight to control the land of creation.


Celadin is a European Mythos based Anime themed game in the same style of Record of Lodoss War, Slayers, and Ruin Explorers. The Story and Environment is original content written for Animebelle.com fan association.

The Game is set in D20 3.5 Rules with a few minor custom modifications to streamline mechanics to allow for more free role-playing.


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