The Cycles of Time in Celadin are regulated by the heavens and the deeds of man. Like with the day, the week, and the seasons the actions of man move in cycles. Measuring these cycles and remembering them has been an obsession of man for most of his existence.

The movement and cycles of the heavens have always been the measure of time starting from the dawn of creation. It is from the movement of these bodies that man regulates his life.

The Sun, Moon, and Stars

During the First Celadin Empire a monk of Avahlis placed the stories told by all the Humans tribes and Wardens, placing them in order and using references to place them in order based on the new Calendar of the heavens. Making the first accurate measure of history and dating the major events in the world’s mythology. By thinking of Time as a line or rule the monk was able to accurately measure the scale of these cycles of history.



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