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Celadin (pronounced: cell-a-din, n.) is a island continent in the Selerain Sea, originally one solid land mass the sundering of the world tree at the center of the continent caused it to split into two halves. Celadin is inhabited by several tribes most of whom are Humans, however many tribes of Wardens ( Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, and Giants ) Still remain in many of the hidden places of the land. Celadin is divided into a Northern and Southern Lands, when Shattered the north shielded from most of the carnage of the Demon Lord retained the beauty and bounty it as on of the lands of Vyah. While the South was ravaged by war and choked by blood of those who fought to defeat the Demon Lord.


While Celadin contains many regions with diverse climate zones for the most part the continent is Temperate if not a little cold. Many sages attribute the fact that Celadin is not less habitable to Vyah’s influence. Much of the continents weather including many of the Selerain Sea’s storms are driven by a force called the Chillwynn Believed to be one of the Dragon Wardens. The Chillwynn runs from the south southeast near Geldim Island and runs it winding course all the way through the Dainfor Coast. This force both causes turbulent as well as stabilizes and evens out most of the continents climate and weather. Most Regions are defined by their weather, much of the continents weather is distributed a little unevenly with the more harsh weather being in the south, with a few exceptions.


Like the Land, the people of Celadin are divided as well. While the split and new terrain of the land is an obstacles the divisions go much further. With better weather, more fertile land the Northern Lands have always had better resources and less hardships. With the Southern Lands having far less to work with and harsher conditions. However the divisions go even deeper then that; since the battle with the Demon Lord the people have followed one of the Twin Goddesses. With the majority of the Northern people following Avahlis to peace and order in the north. While the majority of the Southern people followed Charuin to revenge and driving the Beasts from the land. This caused fundamental differences between the peoples of the north and south that exist to this day.


While there are many Deities and Spirits in Celadin the majority of humans are often divided in their belief in one of the Twin Goddesses. This has influenced everything from customs, economy, laws, and view point on each other. With the Northern Lands choosing Avahlis as it patron deity, and the Southern Lands choosing Charuin as its patron deity. The two peoples are reflections of the Goddesses influence. With the Northern Lands valuing Law, Order, and Structure. While the Southern Lands valuing Freedom, Creativity, and Passion. While the differences in the religions are not opposed to each other, in fact they recognize and honor the sisterhood of the Twin Goddesses; the two factions have major differences in way they see their roles and enforcements of tenants. While these differences have never stopped the two religions from co-existing it has led to further divisions in their followers.

While the majority of Humans follow the Twin Goddesses they are not the only religions in Celadin. Among the Wardens they still worship Vyah despite her sacrifice to protect her children they feel her spirit still flows through all life in the world. Among the Elves the elder followers of Vyah are known as Druids. While Elves are not the only followers of Vyah due to their longevity they have kept many of the original traditions set down by her. Not surprisingly most of the Wardens have traditions and a form of Nature or Vyah Worship.

In addition to these major factions there are many other groups and other religions followed by small groups of people. There are a small faction that believe in worshiping and trying to understand the Spirit of Creation. While Creation is revered it’s not normally worshiped on it’s own. As it works through all the other deities and left to continue its work elsewhere in the heavens. It’s also known that the Beasts worship their creator/coruptor the Demon Lord. Like the Wardens, the Beasts still feel the presence of their creator and work to continue his goals mostly because of their own nature.

Some of the least well known religions belong to some of the older and more mysterious peoples. Among the Dainfor they believe that other spirits were set forth when Vyah was slain. They believe that it was these spirits are their ancestors as well as protectors, and see them as the ideals to which they aspire to live too. For many who live in the shadows the relatively unknown little sister of the Twin Goddesses Shelahvis walks the world as the goddess of death. She is often followed by people who wish power, or are corrupt. However while she eventually comes to everyone at one point in their lives, those who seek her out often find a very unfortunate end.


With many things in Celadin certain objects have symbolic meaning, and nothing more so then metals while Iron, and Lead are considered natural metals, metals born of creation. However many of the other useful metals are believed to been born when the Demon Lord was defeated by the Twin Goddesses. It is believed that during the battle in the heavens that sparks from the goddesses weapons fell to ground and landed throughout Celadin. These places where the sparks fell were the first places in which the metals: Platinum, Silver, Tin, Gold, Bronze, Copper since that time these metals because of their resemblance to the goddesses light have been associated with them. These Divine Metals have been used for Centuries as Symbols of power and as gifts of peace and trade. When all the people of Celadin were united in the First Celadin Empire It was decided that these 6 Divine metals would represent the prosperity and economy of the Empire. After the Empire broke into the Kingdoms of the North and South so too was the use of those metals for trade divided. With Platinum, Silver, and Tin being the recognized currency of the North; and Gold, Bronze, and Copper being the currency of the South.

While trade between the north and south does exist its always been a point of contention. Much of the original trade was in the trade of goods and Divine Metals the harsh conditions of the south forced a need to trade for food and crops. This disadvantage became an advantage for the north, with its abundance of farmland it could provide enough to help the south, under the Empire the stable flow of food let the south exploit its own resources for the good of the empire. However shortly after the Crusades against the Beasts and hard times for the north the this beneficial arrangement changed for the worst. This was not the only factor leading to the division of the Northern and Southern Lands, but since this time Trade between the two has always been seen and met with suspicion and a in ability to meet eye to eye on the value of goods that continues to this day. With neither side valuing the others currency, Trade between them only happens in barter, which by accounts from both sides is never an even trade…


From the dawn of time the oldest of beings have been the Dragons not only have the been the guardians and watchers of great power and the secret places of the world. They have cultivated and used these places of power and created artifacts that used the knowledge of the old world. With many of the Dragons slumbering, hidden or dead from the battles waged in darkness much of these relics remain hidden or lost. With the exception of these long lost relics it was the Dwarves that are responsible for much of the technology we use in the new world. As it was the Dwarves that Vyah gave dominion over the soil in order to tend it for life to grow. To this end the Dwarves turned the very soil they tended to tools in order more efficiently make the ground ready. As they found harder materials and things such as gemstones that could not be used by the life the grew in the ground. They used these as well as metals like Iron in order to move greater amounts of earth.

It was during the War with the Demon Lord When the Dwarves first used their tools in defending themselves from the Beasts then teaching these skills to the other Wardens each of whom adapted what they learned in their own way. However it was not till after the birth of Humans that tools truly became weapons. Humans adapted the tools from these other races to where they worked most efficiently in combat; these new tools became weapons of war. Together with the skills of these Humans,the weapons and armor technology began to help turn the tide of the battle from a slaughter to a route for the Wardens.

After the war The Dwarves with the help of many of the other races continued to develop their means to defend themselves. As well as helping the humans find some security as humans lived exposed on the surface of the land. Dwarves and Giants developed and taught Masonry, Metal Working. Elves taught Art, Woodworking, and Weaving as well as an understanding of the Plants and Animals. Finally the few Dragons that wished to interact with the others races taught magic to the others. Together during this golden age some of the greatest of Structures, Cities and land marks were made, great weapons forged, and Icons of great power made to keep the peoples safe and to hunt down Beasts.

The technology only improved when the Humans Formed the First Celadin Empire. Humans out of curiosity and ingenuity manage to improve upon some of the things the other races had created even with the less consistent quality of human construction these advances made the height of this golden age. Advances in understanding the world manipulating the forces of the world to make life easier, and stronger better construction of weapons, armor, and architecture are some of the things that truly made the Empire as great as it was.

Many of the modern advances were things that were common place during the height of the Empire. Much of things like weapons and armor are things used in the Empire this is also true for sea travel many of the design of ships have not changed in over 700 years. Any changes have been in making them more combat worthy since most are coastal ships. In fact while much of the technology is a mainstay of modern life many innovations and skills were lost when the Empire fell. While many of the old cities still exist much of the means and skill used to construct or maintain them has been lost in centuries of war.

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