Much of History in Celadin happened in age’s sets of stories and traditions of times and places that influenced all life. These collections of stories, ideals, and traditions become the Mythologies of a later time. These are the different mythologies that make up the history of Celadin.

The Crucible of Creation: The Story of how Creation gathered the world together from the heavens, forming the world from out of the heavens and setting it apart.

The Dawn of Celadin: The Birth of life and Vyah and how the world as we know it came to be.

The Old World: The Immortal world where the Wardens followed Vyah in the great plan of life. This lasted till the rise of the Demon Lord with his Beasts. Finally leading to the creation of Twin Goddesses, Humans, and the defeat of the Demon Lord.

The New World: When the Beasts had been banished the far corners of the land and the Tribes of Humans began to settle the lands.

The First Celadin Empire: When a great king blessed of the goddesses brought all the Tribes of Humans together as one people and started a golden age.

Division of the Empire: Unrest and building resentment at the preferential treatment of the northern territories, result in the fall of the Empire and the establishment of the Northern and Southern kingdoms.

The Dark Dragon War: After a time, the resentments between the Northern and Southern kingdoms are inflamed. Used to provide a cover for a new Beast war of aggression under a new dark leader; the Dark Dragon brings the land to the brink of darkness, before the heroes of the war defeat it and restore peace.

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