Places of Myth and Legend

Deep within the wild and unexplored places of the world are fantastic and terrifying locations lost to man and history remembered only in fable and rhyme. These places deeply buried have been the end of some of the greatest stories, or the beginning of new ones.

Legends of Avalon:

Emphar (The Capital of the First Celadin Empire)
Wardens Spire (An Ancient watch tower of the Elves)
Sorodethis (The legendary central city of the Denkpet region)
Thalia (An ancient city of the Sura supposedly covered in precious gemstones)

Legends of Charious:

Denosaris (Ruins of the Beasts Stronghold)
Galfield (A Mining town destroyed by the Beasts)
Goldharth (A Low Dwarven Citadel destroyed by the Beasts)

Legends of the Old World:

Valley of Sorrows / Valley of Origin (Beginning and Ending place of the Tree of Life)
Blackstone Cavern (Deep in the Underworld the place where the Dwarves found the Demon Lord)

Places of Myth and Legend

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