The Realms of Celadin

When Creation gathered the world from the stars and the heavens; The Crucible of Creation formed the bulk of the world. It quenched the world in water, and drove the ancient beings and forces that forged it deep within or away to far off reaches. This separated the world and the heavens forming the realms in which all life lives.

The Heavens

In the beginning there was the heavens. The dark sparkling heavens were the home of the force of Creation. It’s this force that constantly orders all things in the heavens; seeing an empty space. I was this empty space in the heavens that Creation choose to form the world.

The Lands

The Second Realm to form was the Lands, formed from the clouds and stuff of heaven. The new molten Lands were the home of ancient creatures, spirits, and forces that continued to forge the world. This was the Age where mighty Demons, Elemental’s, and Dragons roamed the world at the height of their power.

The Seas

After the Land reached a form that Creation was happy with, a deluge of water quenched the world. With the Land cooled many of the ancient creatures buried them selves deep within the fiery center of the world or were swept away by the Seas to the edges of the world. When Vyah spread her roots across the world she spread them through the seas to find other lands to bring life too. As she did life spread to the Seas as well. With life and energy spreading throughout the sea it brought great monsters from the edge of the world to seek food and life in the seas.

The Underworld

Since the Birth of the Dwarves and Giants the lands have been under change. The Giants moved the mountains, and the Dwarves turned the rock to soil and spread caves to move water and let Vyah’s roots move deeper. This is the Underworld the home of the Dwarves and the realm that lays deep in the darkness of the outer world.

Hel (The Furnace, The Dark Pyre)

Deep within the world far below The Underworld is the primordial molten world of the early world. This is the place where many of the ancient forces still live or sleep to wait for the world to return to the way it was in the beginning. It is here that the souls of the unworthy, those that live their lives without achievement or in corruption go. It is said that Shelahvis is in charge of the gateways between the Hel and the other Realms.


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