The Regions of Celadin

The Land of Celadin is divided into regions these regions are based on terrain, natural boundaries, and climates. It is in these regions that the Tribes of Humans and Wardens have lived for centuries. These natural divisions have always been the bounders set for dividing the lands from wandering tribes to the First Celadin Empire to the modern day.

The Lands of Avalon or the Northern Kingdom:

Dainfor: The cool snow frosted coastal mountains on the west coast of Avalon.
Gailfor: The gentle windswept grasslands in the central west of Avalon.
Suiwaf: The far northern desert is a place that has tested the inhabitants of Avalon for centuries.
Denkpet: In the central east it is the most rainy region in Avalon taken over by Beasts its long been abandoned by Humans.
Piran: The warm sunny city-states of the eastern coast of Avalon have some of the most impressive cities and live the most ordered lives.
Sura’Thal: While technically not part of Avalon, the eastern islands of Sura’Thal’s warm tropical climate have long been tied to the northern continent.
The Great Forest: In the very center of Avalon is a mighty rain forest long thought to be what the world looked like before the Demon Lord. This is the home of the Northern Elves.

The Lands of Charious or the Southern Kingdom:

Bledros: The red and dry sandstone mesas make this region in the west of Cherious a very hard place to live.
Nervelin: The largest river valley in the south, the region sits between the barrens of Bledros and the wilds of the Suvan.
Suvan: In the wild hot savanna in the south bordered by hills and mountains is the Suvan, a land so wild almost no race call this region home.
Denthros: The fog and mist shrouded vales of eastern coast are some of the best lands in the south, and the home of the majority of the south population.
The Great Southern Rain Forest: The red and amber forest lies deep in the center of the southern lands. It is the home of the Dark Elves.
Gelum: The dark wetlands of the northern coast of the southern lands were once a vast plain and the location of the greatest cities in Human history.


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